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16 Aug
China Company Seals Understanding Their Role in Business - SJ Grand
China Company Seals: Understanding Their Role in Business
Category: Business in China
Understanding how company seals work is crucial if you are doing business in China. Keep reading and learn about the different types of chops and their role.
06 Aug
Consumption Power in China - SJ Grand
Spending Power in China – Top 40 Cities
Category: Business in China
New research ranks 40 Chinese cities according to their consumption power. Check out the full list and gain valuable insights for your business strategy!
23 Jul
China Announces New Free Trade Zones - SJ Grand
China To Launch 6 New Pilot Free Trade Zones
Category: Business in China
China will set up 6 new Pilot Free Trade Zones - which cities will host them and what does it mean for foreign companies? Read more to find out.
15 Jul
China Tax Deregistration Made Easy - SJ Grand
China Tax Deregistration Made Easy
Category: Business in China
China tax authorities have implemented new measures aiming to optimize the procedure for handling tax deregistration. Keep reading for an overview.
10 Jul
China's Top Cities for Economic Competitiveness - SJ Grand
These 10 Chinese Cities Have the Most Competitive Economies
Category: Business in China
Which Chinese cities offer the most business-friendly environment? What are China's most economically competitive urban areas? Find out in this article!
03 Jul
Opening a Branch Office - SJ Grand
How to Open a Branch Office in China
Category: Business in China
Want to expand your business into another city in China but not sure where to start? Keep reading to learn more about branch office setup in China.
11 Jun
renminbi bank notes
Opening a Non-Resident Bank Account in China
Category: Business in China
How can non-resident companies open a corporate bank account in China? Keep reading as we introduce 3 types of account, the OSA, NRA and FTN accounts.
06 Jun
dairy aisle in supermarket
Industry Spotlight: China’s Imported Food & Beverage Market
Category: Business in China
China’s appetite for imported food and beverages shows no sign of waning. But how can foreign companies tap into this booming sector? Read more to find out.
23 May
Beijing skyline at night - S.J. Grand
Representative Office in China: How to Set Up One?
Category: Business in China
Setting up a representative office is an affordable way to enter the Chinese market. Keep reading to learn how and whether you should open one. 
14 May
Hiring Part-Time Employees in China – 7 Things You Should Know
Category: Business in China
Part-time employment is becoming more and more common in China. Keep reading to learn about the latest hiring guidelines for this type of employee.