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23 May
Beijing skyline at night - S.J. Grand
Representative Office in China: How to Set Up One?
Category: Business in China
Setting up a representative office is an affordable way to enter the Chinese market. Keep reading to learn how and whether you should open one. 
14 May
Hiring Part-Time Employees in China – 7 Things You Should Know
Category: Business in China
Part-time employment is becoming more and more common in China. Keep reading to learn about the latest hiring guidelines for this type of employee.
15 Mar
Chinese flag - S.J.Grand
VAT 16% to 13% announced during National People’s congress
Category: Business in China
From 2019 March 3rd to March 20th, China's annual two sessions - Chinese National Peoples's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference - are being held in Beij...
11 Jan
China to Offer a Bigger Tax Break for Small Firms
Category: Business in China, Economy & Tra...
China has updated their tax break policy for small and micro firms. Keep reading to learn how your company can benefit from this!
14 Dec
China approves a new Foreign Payment option
Category: Business in China, Economy & Tra...
A breakthrough deal in November between People's Bank of China and a foreign payment service provider promotes sound development and healthy competition in the Chinese payment mark...
11 Dec
Fapiao – what is it and why does it matter?
Category: Business in China, Economy & Tra...
If you're familiar with the Chinese business culture, you've definitely heard of the Fapiao. Ever wondered, why is Fapiao so important? Find out here!
04 Dec
Visa-free stay – 144 hours available in even more Chinese cities
Category: Business in China, Economy & Tra...
As of January 1st, 2019, more Chinese cities will offer 144 hour visa-free stay in transit. Keep reading to learn more about the updates and how to apply!
29 Nov
CRS in China – all you need to know about financial information exchange
Category: Business in China, Economy & Tra...
Starting September 2018, new anti-tax evasion regulations of China came into force. Not sure what CRS and AEOI are and how these affect you? Keep reading!
23 Nov
China’s Outbound Travel Market soon accessible to WFOEs
Category: Business in China, Economy & Tra...
Beijing recently proposed to further open up the Chinese travel market by allowing WFOEs to provide outbound travel services. Keep reading to learn more!