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24 Feb
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Joint Ventures in China: How to Make your Partnership Successful?
Category: Business in China
Following China opening up reforms in the 90s, investors from all over the world have rushed in the country to get a piece of cake: the market was extremely promising, with a large...
19 Jan
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Chinese Accounting Standards: an Introduction to CAS vs. IFRS
Category: Business in China
China’s transformation from a planned economy into a market economy has led to an increase in foreign direct investment (FDI), development of a vibrant securities market (in Shan...
19 Jan
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Hong Kong: Taxation of Director’s Fees
Category: Business in China
The taxation of director’s fee for a company incorporated offshore is a delicate issue, and it is vital to know under what jurisdiction directors are subject to tax.
19 Jan
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Offshore Incorporation: Hong Kong vs. British Virgin Islands (BVI)
Category: Business in China
Hong Kong, as a major commercial, financial and international trade centre, has traditionally been a popular place for setting up an offshore holding company.
16 Jan
China Lights
China individual income tax (IIT): Key challenges and considerations for foreign employees and employers
Category: Business in China
In early 2016, the tax bureaus in China have made the tax compliance requirements for foreign employees and employers stricter. In China, all income related to employment (whether ...