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19 Jul
Race for 5G and What Means for Business - SJ Grand
The Race for 5G – What it Means for Businesses
Category: Economy & Trade
How is 5G going to impact your business in China and how can you make the most of 5G technology? Keep reading to learn more.
19 Jun
aerial view of London - London Shanghai Stock Connect
London Shanghai Stock Connect – What to Expect
Category: Economy & Trade
Foreign firms are now allowed to list their shares in China through the ground-breaking London-Shanghai Stock Connect Scheme. Keep reading to learn more.
14 Jun
China’s Central Bank Announces Financial Opening-Up Plan
China’s Central Bank Unveils Financial Opening-Up Plan
Category: Economy & Trade
China is expected to implement a slew of new measures set to reform its financial sector, signaling a new era of opening-up. Keep reading to learn more.
25 Feb
World Economic Forum
Davos 2019 | World Economic Forum
Category: Economy & Trade
The world economic forum is held in the January of 2019. Curious about the heated topics discussed in the forum - keep reading!
22 Feb
Sino-US trade war
Latest news on China-U.S. Trade War
Category: Economy & Trade
It has been nearly 10 months since the start of the Sino-US trade war. On Feb. 14-15, a two-day trade talk is held in Beijing. To know more about the details of trade talk - keep r...
22 Feb
China’s annual GDP report 2018
Category: Economy & Trade
From the latest data of Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, we could learn about China's 2018 GDP growth rate, GDP by sector and GDP by industry-Keep reading!
11 Jan
China to Offer a Bigger Tax Break for Small Firms
Category: Business in Asia, Economy & Trad...
China has updated their tax break policy for small and micro firms. Keep reading to learn how your company can benefit from this!
07 Jan
E-Commerce Law China - SJ GRAND
2019 Policy Updates – E-commerce Law of China
Category: Economy & Trade, Tax and Regulat...
China adopted an e-commerce law to regulate its booming online retail industry. First of its kind, it brings along many changes - keep reading!
29 Dec
impôt sur le revenu en Chine - SJ Grand
China’s IIT Law Withholding Measures for 2019 Released
Category: Economy & Trade, Tax and Regulat...
The Chinese IIT law has gone through major changes. The State Council released more information on withholding measures - keep reading!
26 Dec
Impôt sur le revenu en Chine
China’s IIT Special Itemized Deductions for 2019 announced
Category: Economy & Trade, Tax and Regulat...
The Chinese IIT law has gone through major changes. Now, the State Council has made a new announcement for itemized deductions - keep reading!