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17 Jul
5 China Regulations 1st July - SJ Grand
5 New China Regulations Entering Into Force on July 1st, 2019
Category: Regulations
A myriad of new regulations came into force this July, affecting businesses in a wide range of industries. Keep reading as we take a look at the 5 most salient measures.
05 Jul
Shanghai Implements New Garbage Sorting Rules - SJ Grand
Shanghai Implements New Garbage Sorting Rules – What You Should Know
Category: Regulations
Shanghai recently implemented its strictest garbage sorting regulations to date. Keep reading to learn more about their impact on your business.
24 Jun
social contribution woman handling coins
Social Contribution Rates Cuts Implemented Across China
Category: Regulations
China's State Council announced new measures to further decrease social contribution rates for businesses across the country. Keep reading to learn more.
29 May
tractors in wide field
China Issues New Guidelines on Food Safety Standards
Category: Regulations
China recently released guidelines on food safety standards. Keep reading to learn about Beijing's new initiatives and how they may affect your business.
14 Dec
China approves a new Foreign Payment option
Category: Business in China, Economy & Tra...
A breakthrough deal in November between People's Bank of China and a foreign payment service provider promotes sound development and healthy competition in the Chinese payment mark...
11 Dec
Chinese Fapiao – What Is It and Why Does It Matter?
Category: Business in China, Economy & Tra...
If you're familiar with the Chinese business culture, you've definitely heard of the Fapiao. Ever wondered, why is Fapiao so important? Find out here!