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04 Nov
New Regulation to Improve the Business Environment in China
China’s New Regulation to Improve the Business Environment
Category: Business in Asia, Tax and Regulation...
The State Council recently approved a new regulation to improve the business environment in China. Read this article to discover all the new measures!
21 Oct
Importing-Exporting Shipping Requirements
Part 2: Importing/Exporting to China – Shipping Requirements
Category: Economy & Trade, Tax and Regulat...
What are the shipping and documentation requirements when importing or exporting goods to China? What licenses do you need? Keep reading to find out!
14 Oct
Fapiao and Tax Deduction for Freelancers
Fapiao and Tax Deduction for Freelancers
Category: Tax and Regulations
How can a freelancer issue a fapiao to his client? Is the fapiao really necessary for tax deduction? Get the answers in this article!
10 Oct
Importing-Exporting: Part 1 Taxes & Duties
Part 1: Importing/Exporting to China – Taxes & Duties
Category: Economy & Trade, Tax and Regulat...
Which taxes and duties apply to goods entering or leaving China? What do you have to be aware of? Read this article to learn get all the details you need.
20 Aug
12 New Immigration Incentives in China - SJ Grand
China Announces Preferential Visa Policies for Foreigners
Category: Tax and Regulations
New preferential immigration policies came into force on August 1st, 2019, allowing more foreigners to apply for permanent residency in China. Keep reading!
26 Jul
SME Startup in China Tax Cuts Grand
SMEs and Startups in China: A Guide to Recent Tax Incentives
Category: Tax and Regulations
China’s Finance Ministry has introduced a series of tax cuts to bolster Small and Micro Enterprises’ (SMEs) competitiveness. Click to learn more!
22 Feb
science and technology innovation board
China unveils new guidelines on new tech board
Category: Tax and Regulations
China unveiled the guidelines on New Tech Board. First of its kind, the registration will be carried out in two steps - keep reading!
11 Jan
China to Offer a Bigger Tax Break for Small Firms
Category: Business in Asia, Economy & Trad...
China has updated their tax break policy for small and micro firms. Keep reading to learn how your company can benefit from this!
07 Jan
E-Commerce Law China - SJ GRAND
2019 Policy Updates – E-commerce Law of China
Category: Economy & Trade, Tax and Regulat...
China adopted an e-commerce law to regulate its booming online retail industry. First of its kind, it brings along many changes - keep reading!
29 Dec
impôt sur le revenu en Chine - SJ Grand
China’s IIT Law Withholding Measures for 2019 Released
Category: Economy & Trade, Tax and Regulat...
The Chinese IIT law has gone through major changes. The State Council released more information on withholding measures - keep reading!
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