Representative Office Incorporation in China: Goods and Bads

Representative Offices are the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to incorporate in China. This structure enables you to sense the market, understand its dynamics, taking your first steps in China. However, such advantages come at a cost: they are not allowed to conduct business in China.

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Investing In China: Be careful about the Variable Interest Entities (VIE)

Variable Interest Entities have been used by Chinese companies operating in restricted industries so as to list abroad. It was first designed by IT companies with success. However, as its use is getting more and more common, asset-heavy industries have started to structure in this way, putting foreign shareholders at risk.

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Accounting Fraud Detection in China

In days of anti-corruption crackdown, knowing what’s going on in your accounting books is a must-do. Simple principles, applied with zeal, can help you reduce fraud risks in your company. Don’t underestimate the harm accounting frauds can do to your company, prepare for it, prevent it and suppress it.

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New Business License

Following China recent Company Law amendment, Business Licenses change both in shape and content. Discover the novelties here.





Foreign Exchange eased in Pilot Zones (Notice  715)

Registered Capital can now be converted at will in 16 pilot zones throughout the country. Equity Investment is eased. Check about it in this article.



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