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China Market Research

Knowing your target market well will lead you to make the right decisions.

Chinese market is a very complex and unique market. It requires sound knowledge on its consumption patterns and local specificities. The key to growth is holding clear, accurate data on the market and the local consumers. Our MARKET RESEARCH practice manages quantitative, qualitative and desk research and offer expertise to understand the very unique Chinese market.

As a manager, you face difficult decisions all the time. These decisions are made difficult by some uncontrollable environmental issues such as consumer’s behavior. Understanding the complexity of your consumer can lead you to take the right decision and get a competitive advantage. Our aim is to provide you with the best information and help you make the best choice. Crucial decision must not be based on personal feelings or intuitions but on actual facts and absolute certainties.

Market research is the best tool to give you this information. It can help to reduce the uncertainty and provide relevant information about the Chinese market, environment, and customers.

China Market Research - S.J. Grand


S.J. Grand market advisory team, along with its partners, Daxue Consulting and C.i. Process, has widespread expertise and helps clients to identify and analyze the market needs, market opportunities and competition. Our staff has extensive experience in FMCG sectors, food and beverage, technologies, real estate projects, travel, leisure, E-commerce websites, luxury fields, and fashion as well as industrial and B2B businesses.

We can help you with your most difficult challenges, including pricing, product line configuration, brand positioning, and choice of business alliance partners.

We are deeply involved in every stage of the survey: Managing relation building with the client, designing the survey, editing questionnaires, coordinating and monitoring the field-work, conducting data analysis and providing results reporting in face to face presentation.


We offer customized services adapted to suit a client’s specific needs. We adapt our methodologies according to the information you need and we gather the data specifically required by your issues. You are involved in the process to help us to identify the most suitable methodology according to your need, to your budget and to the specificity of the market. Some of the market intelligence tools used are market research, focus groups, mystery shopping, store checks, market study, China entry strategy, retail & distribution consulting, naming strategy and in-depth and quantitative interviews.

We have a high-qualified team to perform field-work for both qualitative and quantitative methodology. It guarantees to gather the most accurate, reliable and valid information according to your needs and finances.


We use complex analytical techniques to insure you the deepest analysis possible. Our cross-tabulated results enable you to segment your market easily and efficiently. Our reports are always enhancing key points of our clients’ market and highlighting key drivers of their success. Our aim is to lead you to the right decision for your business.

Furthermore, we like to offer you more than data and results as market and management activation suggestions are a major part of our services. We assume that some of the best ideas come from post-research formal (or informal) discussions.

Finally, unlike many of market research companies, we do not disappear after presenting you our result. We like to build long term relationship with our client and we remain available for any further information related to the survey.

For more information on how our market advisory practice can assist your company, Contact your nearest S.J. Grand office.