A Guide For Your Business to Deal with COVID-19


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A Comprehensive Guide on How Your Business Can Deal with COVID-19

Taking the necessary precautions in the workplace is essential in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

As the World Health Organization declares COVID-19 a pandemic, businesses across the world brace for its future impact on the global economy. Employers are confronted with a challenge to weather the crisis while making sure that their employees are protected and receiving support. Employees are the foundation of companies; therefore, employers are mandated to keep them safe not only for the good of their companies, but for the sake of public health.

What are the necessary precautions employers must take to respond to employees’ needs? Check out our guide on how your business can deal with coronavirus.

Precautions at the workplace

It is important for employers to provide employees with the protective and sanitary supplies they need and to clearly communicate how they can protect themselves from infection.

Precautions for business travel

Travel is an essential part of doing businesses. Employers have to make sure employees are well-informed about travel safety measures, in case business travels cannot be avoided during these times.

Precautions when serving clients

Employees must be encouraged to be responsible not only for protecting themselves but their customers as well. When serving clients, employees should keep in mind precautionary measures to avoid the spread of a virus or getting infected.

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    Precautions outside the workplace

    While office precautions can be easily encouraged and monitored, what your employees are doing outside the workplace is not as easy to check. Therefore, the best way to do this is to advise and educate them on health and safety measures they should undertake.

    Dealing with sick employees

    Employers are expected to provide care for their sick employees and prevent the spread of virus. They have the responsibility to make necessary adjustments to their medical conditions and requirements.

    Legal obligations of companies in China

    China has released several policies and measures against employers who fail to adhere to employees’ needs during the coronavirus outbreak. It is crucial for employers to keep these in mind so as to maintain a good reputation, avoid penalties and abide by the labor laws and contract by the Chinese government.

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