Digital transformation has been the talk of this century and a lot of companies are still struggling to adapt to this new era. Although our technologies are developing fast, some of us still find it hard to accept and change the way we work. Indeed, our old habits die hard and that seems to be a problem. What has the era of advanced technology taught us?

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Company executives and business leaders may be eager to digitalize their workplace to keep up with the trend. They may purchase software and other new technology tools as the first step to digital transformation. However, this is not the case. The first step is getting to the bottom of it – the users of these digital tools.

Corporate culture change and digital transformation

It may seem easy to just install a new digital system in your company, but this cannot prosper without having to change your organizational culture. What does this mean?

Employees need to be a part of the process and feel the impact of change within the organization. For them to start working within a digitalized environment, which they might not be used to, empower them, and put them in the loop with their suggestions for change or improvement. As business leaders, you can initiate ways to tackle different issues in the company together and hear out from every single person.

In a small-scale enterprise, it is much easier to gather your employees together and sit down on every aspect of change that you want to employ inside the organization.

Especially in terms of using new technologies, you should ensure that your employees would openly ‘accept’ these tools and not just use them for the sake of using them. Your employees may be reluctant to change the way they work, but with the right encouragement, they will adapt to change as if they are doing it for their personal benefit.

Focusing on the process of digital transformation, not the results

Pain precedes glory. As in any goal-making, one should not focus on the expected result but on the process of achieving it. Employees should not be bothered by how well they are reaching the result. Instead, they should be able to identify with the process and explore other areas that can lead them to the same positive outcome.

The mind that is constantly looking for a new way of solving problems can undoubtedly go beyond expectations. 

The same applies to digital transformation. As your employees get more involved in the development and usage of this technology from day one, they will have more room to find problems specific to them. Thus, they can clearly know how and when to use this new technology to reach the outcome they want in relation to the company’s goal. When your employees can determine what they need to be doing every day, they can find more meaning in their job and what it takes to progress.

Making the process of digital transformation less painful

At last, how can a journey to success become less painful than it should be? If you act and think smart, the less painful the process of winning will be. If you work hard without thinking, you will reach the same goal, yet you may have to struggle more.

Identify the purpose of the new technology you are introducing. Align this with the organization’s shared practices and beliefs. At last, you may just find the ultimate balance between digital transformation and human connection. This will make the use of new digital tools less painful for your employees. As part of your change management techniques, you must be able to introduce a system that finds that balance between the new and the old. As always, seeking balance is always the right way to go, especially for people of different races, cultures, and perspectives.


The human side of digital transformation does not only entail training your people to use new technologies. It is about your workforce collaborating with the effects of a digitalized way of working.

One of the top concerns of digital transformation such as automation and artificial technologies (AIs) is the fear of your employees’ losing their jobs. To truly change, you must ensure that your employees feel that their job is safe amid the transformation. Look for advanced solutions that can serve as a human’s companion rather than a mere replacement to what humans are also capable of.

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