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Import Tax Calculator

Global regulations on import/export easily and frequently change. Companies performing trading activities should have a strong understanding of import taxes before starting any operations. Making your calculation beforehand allows you planning and optimizing your import/export strategy.

Normally, you must consider the following taxes:

- CIF price (FOB could also work sometimes);
- Custom duty;
- Value Added Tax (VAT);
- Consumption tax.

Every product entering one country is subjected to VAT, which have different rates according to the product itself.

Consumption Tax rates vary based on the product category and on the destination country. For example, in China this tax is levied only on luxury items, such as expensive jewels, tobacco, high-end automobiles and motorcycles, batteries, to name a few.

According to international agreements among countries, import duties (custom duties) are subjected to different rates. The duty rate depends on the product category you are working with.

The Gross Margin indicated below refers to the profit you expect to earn.

The following calculator provides an easy visualization of the items you should collect to calculate the import tax duty between your country of origin and the selected destination country. The calculator also offers a quick computation, but it does not guarantee the correctness of results. It can be used as tool, but companies should not base their business decisions on it.

To have a detailed information about the import tax duty your products should bear, please contact us.

1Supplier invoice at CIF price (in foreign currency):
2Foreign exchange rate:
4Custom tax rate (%):
6Consumption tax rate (%):
8Import VAT rate (%):
11Gross margin (%):

This estimator of taxes should be used only as a reference. The individual income tax calculator provides approximate values based on the parameters entered by you. Real tax computation may also vary according to the interpretation of Tax Authorities. We suggest you contact us before taking any decisions about tax matters.