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Making Sense of Cloud ERP for Businesses

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Making Sense of Cloud ERP for Businesses

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a management solution for running a company. You can think of it as an integrated system of departments or even companies in which information is shared in real-time. The main purpose of ERP systems is to simplify workflows of businesses and decrease manual labor. Furthermore, the advent of Cloud ERP has made ERP systems more affordable and accessible than ever. Since ERP now runs on Cloud computing platforms, the need for physical data infrastructures is reduced.

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A Cloud ERP places the entire ERP system into the Cloud and ensures that different departments can access it anytime, anywhere. Keep reading and find out more about Cloud ERP.

Core advantages to enterprises

Supply chain resources

Entrepreneurs can manage their whole supply chain resources more efficiently with Cloud ERP software. The supply chain management ranges from managing distribution, logistics, inventory, customer relations, financial, e-commerce, POS machine sales, and more.

Agile and lean manufacturing

Manufacturers adopt agile and lean manufacturing to improve inventory management and operational capabilities. It is a strategy used by enterprises to promptly respond to customers’ needs and market demands or changes. Cloud ERP ensures that this purpose is well-served. Thus, small and medium-sized enterprises can use it to automate several processes and functions without human interaction. They can also increase visibility in terms of quality and control in production. The high level of automation provides more competitive value for every company no matter their size.

Synchronous engineering

Cloud ERP is designed with several subsystems to support multiple accounting entities, multiple sales organizations and flexible distribution networks. It gives centralized management and accounting of data storage and business consolidation. Furthermore, it provides reports in an accurate and timely manner.

Pre-planning and control

The ERP system offers information integration in financial planning, analysis, and decision-making. With the Cloud, enterprises can aim to improve their existing internal control and management platforms. This includes the financial internal control risk system of every enterprise. Many companies are moving to the Cloud to strengthen the integration of financial information. Cloud ERP breaks the separate systems that individual departments traditionally rely on for calculating and analyzing revenue and expenses.

Four features of Cloud ERP


A major benefit of Cloud ERP is flexibility. Cloud-based applications are more able to be scaled up or down depending on the user’s specific needs. Because businesses are constantly adapting to new processes and requirements, they require ERP systems that support dynamic practices and seamless workflows across multiple systems.


Cloud-based systems make it possible to access and optimize business functions on-the-go.  Cloud ERP applications that operate from any device, no matter your location, help businesses mobilize their processes and facilitate offline operations.


An ERP often handles many different elements of your business. A Cloud ERP more easily integrates its modules into your other business systems, allowing for automated transfer of important data between them.


Cloud ERP has a huge benefit in terms of data security. It has multiple layers of encryption, making the system more protected and secured. It gives way for an advanced user-permission setting which can ensure that only the responsible person can have access to company data.

Cloud ERP and Kwikdroid

With Cloud ERP, companies can lower costs on expensive hardware, scale their business productivity software, and access critical applications from any device and any location.

Our Cloud ERP service offers overall business operations through a web-based suite of apps including CRM, sales, invoicing, e-commerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, real-time tracking with instant dashboards, and much more.

If you are interested in exploring more Cloud-based solutions, be sure to check out Kwikdroid: the latest Cloud accounting and business management solution.

Kwikdroid is integrated with digital accounting software, so you can generate expense reports, create custom and professional invoices, and receive real-time overviews of your company’s financials.

Kwikdroid also comes with a secure internal chat system, project and employee management, and remote-controlling on all your devices.

For more information, please visit our Kwikdroid page and contact us to find a suitable platform package for your company.

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