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19 Oct
How to open a business bank account in Hong Kong – all you need to know
Category: Business in China
The dynamic market of Hong Kong, where the East meets West, attracts many investors - however, opening a business bank account in Hong Kong can be a hassle. Let's find out why and ...
11 Oct
How much money can I bring in and out of China?
Category: Useful Tips
It’s always safe to have a little cash on you. However, did you know about the restrictions on how much cash one can bring to China or take out of the country? Or how much cash y...
27 Sep
How to get a Driver’s License in China
Category: Useful Tips
Having a Chinese driving license will give you the ultimate freedom for getting around China on your own terms.Curious on what it takes to get a driving license in China? Follow ou...
21 Sep
Part 1: U.S. – China Trade War explained
Category: Business in China
Nearly a half of all the products the U.S. buys from China have tariffs imposed on them. We explain what the U.S. - China Trade War is and how it started!
18 Sep
Work in China: Which country should an expat pay taxes to?
Category: Tax and Regulations in China
Working in China, but still not too sure what to do about the taxes? Should one declare their income from China also in their home country or perhaps it's the other way around? Wit...
07 Sep
China Adopts a Revised Individual Income Tax Law
Category: Tax and Regulations in China
The final approved bill increases the monthly tax-free threshold to 5000 yuan (60 000 yuan per year), as compared to the previous 3500 yuan per month. The new tax threshold will ap...
30 Jul
Business Risk Management in China
Business Risk Management in China: Types and How To
Category: Business in China
China, the fast-growing second economy of the world, generates the interest of many companies from all around the globe. Those firms want to benefit from a developing economy and g...
04 Jul
individual income tax and social insurance for foreigners in china
IIT and Social Insurance for foreigners employed in China
Category: Business in China
Foreigners working in China are subject to obligations but also rights when it comes to dealing with fiscal proceedings. As a foreign worker in China, or as a manager of a company ...
11 Jun
China's labour law
China’s Labour Law: Hiring & Firing
Category: Business in China
A big mistake that some business people make when starting an operation China is to believe that it is easy to hire, fire and manage employees. In many respects, when it comes to ...
15 May
Corporate Income Tax - S.J. Grand
Corporate Income Tax in China: A Full Guide to Tax Deductions
Category: Business in China
China’s State Council executive meeting determined actions to deepen the value-added tax (VAT) reform. The VAT further cut will be effective from May 1st, 2018. Major VAT tax cut...