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14 May
Hiring Part-Time Employees in China – 7 Things You Should Know
Category: Business in China
Part-time employment is becoming more and more common in China. Keep reading to learn about the latest hiring guidelines for this type of employee.
15 Mar
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VAT 16% to 13% announced during National People’s congress
Category: Business in China
From 2019 March 3rd to March 20th, China's annual two sessions - Chinese National Peoples's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference - are being held in Beij...
25 Feb
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Davos 2019 | World Economic Forum
Category: Economy & Trade
The world economic forum is held in the January of 2019. Curious about the heated topics discussed in the forum - keep reading!
22 Feb
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Latest news on China-U.S. Trade War
Category: Economy & Trade
It has been nearly 10 months since the start of the Sino-US trade war. On Feb. 14-15, a two-day trade talk is held in Beijing. To know more about the details of trade talk - keep r...
22 Feb
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China unveils new guidelines on new tech board
Category: Tax and Regulations in China
China unveiled the guidelines on New Tech Board. First of its kind, the registration will be carried out in two steps - keep reading!
22 Feb
China’s annual GDP report 2018
Category: Economy & Trade
From the latest data of Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, we could learn about China's 2018 GDP growth rate, GDP by sector and GDP by industry-Keep reading!
11 Jan
China to Offer a Bigger Tax Break for Small Firms
Category: Business in China, Economy & Tra...
China has updated their tax break policy for small and micro firms. Keep reading to learn how your company can benefit from this!
07 Jan
2019 Policy Updates – E-commerce Law of China
Category: Economy & Trade, Tax and Regulat...
China adopted an e-commerce law to regulate its booming online retail industry. First of its kind, it brings along many changes - keep reading!
29 Dec
China’s IIT Law Withholding Measures for 2019 Released
Category: Economy & Trade, Tax and Regulat...
The Chinese IIT law has gone through major changes. The State Council released more information on withholding measures - keep reading!
26 Dec
China’s IIT Special Itemized Deductions for 2019 announced
Category: Economy & Trade, Tax and Regulat...
The Chinese IIT law has gone through major changes. Now, the State Council has made a new announcement for itemized deductions - keep reading!