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20 Aug
12 New Immigration Incentives in China - SJ Grand
China Announces Preferential Visa Policies for Foreigners
Category: Tax and Regulations
New preferential immigration policies came into force on August 1st, 2019, allowing more foreigners to apply for permanent residency in China. Keep reading!
16 Aug
China Company Seals Understanding Their Role in Business - SJ Grand
China Company Seals: Understanding Their Role in Business
Category: Business in Asia
Understanding how company seals work is crucial if you are doing business in China. Keep reading and learn about the different types of chops and their role.
09 Aug
Bringing Your Pets in and out of China - SJ Grand
How to Bring Pets In and Out of China
Category: Useful Tips
Want to expand your business into another city in China but not sure where to start? Keep reading to learn more about branch office setup in China.
06 Aug
Consumption Power in China - SJ Grand
Spending Power in China – Top 40 Cities
Category: Business in Asia
New research ranks 40 Chinese cities according to their consumption power. Check out the full list and gain valuable insights for your business strategy!
02 Aug
China Work Permit - SJ Grand
China Work Permit Lost? What to Do and How to Update Your Details
Category: Useful Tips
Lost your China Work Permit? Don't panic and check out our article to learn more about what to do in this situation.
29 Jul
Shanghai's Stock Exchange Star Market
Star Market: Shanghai’s New Stock Exchange
Category: Economy & Trade
China launched its new Nasdaq-style stock exchange called Star. What is it exactly, and how did the first week go? Click to learn more!
26 Jul
SME Startup in China Tax Cuts Grand
SMEs and Startups in China: A Guide to Recent Tax Incentives
Category: Tax and Regulations
China’s Finance Ministry has introduced a series of tax cuts to bolster Small and Micro Enterprises’ (SMEs) competitiveness. Click to learn more!
23 Jul
China Announces New Free Trade Zones - SJ Grand
China To Launch 6 New Pilot Free Trade Zones
Category: Business in Asia
China will set up 6 new Pilot Free Trade Zones - which cities will host them and what does it mean for foreign companies? Read more to find out.
19 Jul
Race for 5G and What Means for Business - SJ Grand
The Race for 5G – What it Means for Businesses
Category: Economy & Trade
How is 5G going to impact your business in China and how can you make the most of 5G technology? Keep reading to learn more.
17 Jul
5 China Regulations 1st July - SJ Grand
5 New China Regulations Entering Into Force on July 1st, 2019
Category: Regulations
A myriad of new regulations came into force this July, affecting businesses in a wide range of industries. Keep reading as we take a look at the 5 most salient measures.