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04 Oct
Duties and Liabilities of a Legal Representative in China
Legal Representative in China: Duties and Liabilities
Category: Business in Asia
What is a legal representative and what are his duties and liabilities in China? How can his activities be monitored? Keep reading to find out!
27 Sep
The Startup Busines Environment in China
The Startup Business Environment in China
Category: Business in Asia
What makes the Chinese startup business environment so special and how can you benefit from it? Keep reading to find out!
24 Sep
How to retain your Chinese employees
How to Retain and Motivate Chinese Employees
Category: Business in Asia
What do Chinese employees expect from their employer? How to overcome high turnover rates and retain your employees in China? Keep reading to get answers!
20 Sep
7 mistakes to avoid while doing business in China
7 Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Business in China
Category: Business in Asia
Conducting business activities in China may sometimes be tricky. Here are the 7 mistakes you don't want to make while doing busines in China. Keep reading!
17 Sep
Trends in South China
Business in South China – Part 2: New Developments & Trends
Category: Business in Asia
What special measures have been put in place in South China? How are they affecting companies in the region? Find out in this article!
12 Sep
New Digital Currency in China
New Digital Currency to be Launched in China
Category: Economy & Trade
China's Central Bank announced the launch of a new digital currency, with Shenzhen as first pilot zone. What is the plan? Read this article to find out!
09 Sep
South China Business Landscape
Business in South China – Part 1: Business Landscape
Category: Business in Asia
South China has a very dynamic and unique business environment with a myriad of economic advantages and specificities. Read to learn more!
06 Sep
China Among the World's Top 15 Innovative Economies - SJ Grand
China Among World’s Top 15 Innovative Economies
Category: Business in Asia
How is China performing in terms of innovation? Find out more as we analyze findings from the 12th edition of the Global Innovation Index.
03 Sep
Chinese Business Culture: What You Need to Know
Category: Business in Asia
Learn more about Chinese business culture and etiquette in order to master your business relations. Click here to read.
30 Aug
How to Legally Drive an E-bike in China
How to Legally Drive an E-Bike in China
Category: Useful Tips
Keen to learn more about how to legally drive an e-bike in China? Click here for all the most updated information.