Productivity in the Workplace amid COVID-19

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Productivity in the Workplace amid COVID-19

Productivity amid the COVID-19 pandemic seems like a paradox. How can one maximize productivity when the pandemic halts most of the economy? But that does not have to be a fact. In reality, the “new normal” innovations have sprung to cover the greater demand from the consumers. However, during the time of transition between the old normal to the new normal, drawbacks have been experienced by companies and workplaces worldwide.

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Although China has almost recovered from the spread of COVID-19, some companies that are implementing remote work especially with their employees overseas can still benefit from many ways to improve productivity.

4 ways to improve productivity

In a study by The Australian National University, 167 hours’ worth of work was lost from March to October because of Covid-19. This would amount to about USD47 billion which contributes to the profound impact made by the pandemic.

One of the solutions implemented by many surviving companies was remote work. However, working outside the office environment (no matter how baseless the thinking is) still brings with it the negative connotation of decreased productivity. Companies in China and most parts of the world have now come out of remote work and started going back to the office. However, there are notable differences from our work environments now with Covid-19 still rampant versus a more secure time when a pandemic of this magnitude was unknown to the modern man. Thus, these are times when companies should not let their guard down and keep implementing ways to remain productive amid unprecedented changes.

1. Use video conferencing services.

Different platforms are available for digital conferences with employees, suppliers, clients, etc. These platforms are not only good for strict business concerns. They are also readily available for checking up on your employees regularly and raise their morale.

In China, numerous very effective video conferencing applications are available for use within the country and outside. Distance and proximity restrictions should not hamper the ability to have human interaction. Now that most of the workforce has come out of isolation, video conferencing continues to present multiple advantages over face-to-face meetings. Improved attendance due to having more flexibility as to scheduling and non-attendance can easily be documented on the platform. It also saves time and money that would have been used for transportation and pleasantries involved during face-to-face meetings.

Instead of working through an issue via e-mail which can take a relatively long time to prepare and exchange, video conferencing also allows for smoother communication between concerned parties.

2. Keep a routine.

Keeping a routine means retaining office hours even when your employees are working remotely from their homes. Getting up early, wearing work clothes, and keeping the office routine at home helps get employees “in the zone” and the right state of mind while doing work. Aside from being a huge advantage during unexpected video conferences with one’s boss, keeping a routine at home provides fewer distractions from around the house.

Productivity is also enhanced in the office when a routine of sorts is being followed. Scheduling a small break, tackling arduous tasks when your energy levels are at their peaks, or drinking water during the day, can all increase your productivity. Instead of bouncing between tasks, device yourself a routine to power your day or certain rituals to get you through stressful tasks.

3. Evaluate office dynamics.

Enable productivity by revisiting dynamics between management and staff and reviewing how much management empowerment there is in terms of small and large decisions. Productivity can be increased when middle management has enough power to decide for the company and its employees regarding urgent matters.

Business leaders must also rethink how their leadership styles have affected the shift from normal to COVID-19 times and what difference it made to allow for the team’s success. Of course, top management should always be considered but during these fast-paced times when the risk from the virus is eminent, it may be impractical to always look to top management for all kinds of decisions.

4. Centralize your information.

A centralized database allows for more data available for sharing within the organization making decision-making easier. This centralization also allows for less time spent on reconciling competing information and observe more closely any suspicious behavior in the company’s data. It provides for transparency, efficiency, and better organization.

Data integrity remains intact in a centralized database since there is only one system for everyone. Retaining multiple systems runs the risk of redundancy which may compromise the integrity of the data involved. Furthermore, having a centralized cloud-based system allows the team to support each other no matter the location. Certain platforms like Kwikdroid offers Multilanguage capabilities that let your team communicate despite not having a common language between them.

Increase productivity with Kwikdroid

Kwikdroid is an accounting and management platform for your company in China. By being fully compliant with Chinese laws, it allows users to take care of daily business operations in a standardized, automated, and optimized system. Users can file for leave, submit timesheets, upload deductible expenses, and so much more from any device, anywhere in the world. Being an integrated system, it is possible to perform and monitor office tasks on one easy to use the platform:

  • schedule and assign meetings;
  • manage contacts,;
  • keep track of purchases,;
  • oversee project completion,;
  • gather all employees’ information;
  • generate professional and customized invoices; and
  • secure internal chat system with notifications.

This system can also get users to easily communicate directly to an S.J. Grand certified accountant who can impart professional consulting whenever you need it.


Notable differences from our work environments during the new normal should only be made to improve the workplace. That is, only changes that brought enhancements to the company should be retained, while those that were not as fruitful should be revisited.

Technological advancements have shifted to allow teams all over the world to work separately but together. Social distancing is still one of the best preventive measures against the virus but we should not allow it to hamper our productivity. That being said, being productive in the workplace does not only mean putting up pretenses of always working. It is healthy for the workforce to also find time to rest and take care of their well-being, which is the ultimate goal of working – making a living and not hurting ourselves by over-exerting.

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