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Company Incorporation

By the size of its population, the People’s Republic of China serves as the largest market in the world and thus, an attractive place for setting up business.

Starting or expanding your business operations for the Chinese market can be a challenging experience.  Our S.J. Grand COMPANY INCORPORATION advisors are well-seasoned experts in this field and love to help our clients make a smooth entry to this market.

Opening a company in China, Hong-Kong or overseas, assistance with business registration and maintenance, and much more – our international team of advisors is familiar with company laws and tax systems in China and can provide you with full support in any related matters.

Company Incorporation - S.J. Grand

Greater China

S.J. Grand consultants guide you through the complex regulations in China and provide you with all the needed expert advice in order to succeed in the Middle Kingdom.

Types of Companies available:

  • Business in China with a local entity
    • Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (WFOE)
    • Joint Venture (JV)
  • Business in China with a foreign entity
    • The China Branch Office
    • The China Representative Office
  • Partnerships

Shanghai Free-Trade Zone

Shanghai Free-Trade Zone (Shanghai FTZ) or Shanghai Pilot Free-Trade Zone is especially beneficial for export-oriented businesses. The zone is usually among the first to adopt several economic and social reforms in China, making it an attractive place for setting up a company there. Get in touch with our team to learn more!

Some of the benefits for registering a business in the Shanghai FTZ include:

  • Eligibility for tax rebate on a portion if the company’s taxed income.
  • Exemption from customs duties and import taxes for goods transferring between overseas destinations and the FTZ.
  • Straightforward customs clearance procedures for goods that need to transfer to waterways, airways of railroads.
  • Absence of foreign exchange controls for companies registered within the free trade zone.
  • Beneficial interest rates in financial market and cross-border use of the RMB.)

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has long been a leading center for finance and business. A well-developed infrastructure, an attractive tax regime and highly educated working professionals available for hire are just some of the perks for expanding to Hong Kong. Additionally, it allows one to operate both in the Asian economies and serves as an entrance to the Chinese market. Our S.J. Grand team of expert advisors can provide you with the support needed when going through the process of setting up a company in Hong Kong.

Whether you want to start a WFOE, RO, NGO, etc., our Company Incorporation practice can help you. Contact your nearest S.J. Grand office