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Global experience with local knowledge.

Global experience with local knowledge.
Our TAX AND ACCOUNTING practice offers cost-effective integrated services in individual and corporate tax planning, outsourced payroll management, audit and limited review.

With an international, multilingual team, S.J. Grand’s accountants in Asia can take care of all of your accountancy needs. Our streamlined tax and financial outsourcing services allow companies to put their resources to better use by taking advantage of our qualified accounting professionals. We can also prepare monthly bilingual financial reporting to enhance communication with our clients’ offshore financial departments.

We achieve results for our clients by providing specialist accounting services in:

Tax and Accountancy - S.J. Grand


S.J. Grand tax experts draw on considerable experience with Asia’s evolving personal and business tax systems as well as complex governance to ensure our clients chart a competitive tax strategy.

We offer comprehensive outsource services in monthly and quarterly Income Tax, VAT, and Business Tax filing, allowing your company to focus on core business activities. We offer comprehensive outsource services in monthly, quarterly, and yearly taxation filing allowing your company to focus on core business activities.  We also provide individual tax planning for expatriates in China and around Asia, with specialist advice on exemptions, reductions and treaty arrangements.

Our tax practitioners maintain solid working relationships with tax bureaus in Asia and abroad and keep informed of the latest regulations and trends, ensuring smooth negotiation should any issues arise with a client’s compliance needs.


The calculation of payroll, bonuses and insurance obligations for local and expatriate employees can create an unnecessary administrative burden for foreign-invested enterprises.

S.J. Grand offers trustworthy outsourcing of payroll services to alleviate exposure to legal and administrative error and maintain confidentiality over individual labor agreements. We formulate and implement salary payment, declaration, and basic tax optimization solutions, prepare salary sheets and monthly tax filing.


As the Asian economy grows, its regulatory environment is subject to frequent and substantive change.

To help your business to thrive in these conditions, S.J. Grand has adopted an effective and scalable methodology that facilitates and enhances audit quality. We deliver independent and rigorous audits and limited reviews through a disciplined, cost‐effective process. Our audit team brings reliability and transparency to your financial reporting.

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