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Sharing knowledge and experience to empower teams.

S.J. Grand is licensed for corporate and individual training. Our TRAININGS are designed according to specific needs and can be easily adapted to individual requests. In any field, human resources are the first capital of a business. As a result, they must be well trained to perform and reach results. The competitive and ever-changing global business environment also poses challenges to every company. S.J. Grand’s experience is at your service to reduce potential skill gaps and to learn management culture. We aim at saving company costs by providing you with specific trainings on working capital optimization, human resources management, tax and accounting, and fraud and risk management.

Our training programs are divided into:

  • Corporate Training
  • Academic Training
Trainings - S.J. Grand


S.J. Grand’s corporate training can be structured into group training or one-to-one training depending on the topic and clients’ needs. The one-to-one training is prepared ad-hoc, analyzing the company needs and the attendee characteristics.

Subjects range from HR regulations, tax regulations, fraud prevention, working capital optimization, risk management, and more.

Depending on the training’s subject, lessons can last 3-4 days at the client’s premises. We can include a subsequent monitoring activity up to 6 months, to verify the client’s staff understanding. We offer practical and useful corporate training tailored to our clients’ specific purposes, so that they can achieve tangible results.


Academic trainings are held in universities and target students with little or no experience with the Chinese market (beginners), and focuses primarily on doing business in China.  These trainings are organized in 13 sessions, which include 5 classes on Chinese culture fundamentals and 8 business cases. Culture classes explain how Chinese culture impacts business operations in China, and how best to manage cultural differences. Business cases aim to give practical and intellectual tools to students.

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For further information on how our Training practices can assist your company, Contact your nearest S.J. Grand office.