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Sustainable Development in the Era of Advanced Technology

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Sustainable Development in the Era of Advanced Technology

Sustainable development is one of the most important topics of the new era. As the world battles against climate change, governments across countries focus on how to sustain the planet for future generations. On the other hand, advanced technology is arguably one of the ways to promote sustainability along the process of reducing the impact of climate change. Many companies are encouraged to achieve technological sustainability through Cloud-based systems. The usage of the Cloud may lessen carbon emissions, thus promoting “responsible innovation” and sustainable development.

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The challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic has further created a “new reality” for the world – where people realize the real threat of climate change and businesses switch to more nature-conscious production and operation processes.

A focused approach to sustainable development

Sustainable development is possible with the help of those who are conscious enough to help. Sustainability means enforcing actions stemming from a conscious effort to reduce the impact of the impending climate change. In particular, companies ought to take an active role in this endeavor.

Although renewable energy is said to be key to this sustainability, the present approach to changing current manufacturing processes to become cleaner and more focused on things that are important these days is of great importance. Manufacturing companies are more conscious of having cleaner processes that are more focused on health and sustainability. Starting up “green” companies that are conscious of how they can “slow down” climate change” may be more costly than those cost-cutting companies who exacerbate pollution and carbon emission. The challenge then is funding and scaling such companies. Without the proper financial backing, green manufacturing solutions cannot be possible. Some of the technology used is still in the lab, under research & development.

However, there is an easier solution that will mean implementing a company-wide mini, sustainable development procedures, and processes. This is possible with technology that directly or indirectly promotes sustainability by simplifying a company’s operational needs.

Going green with Kwikdroid

Embracing sustainable technological solutions such as Cloud computing can cut carbon emissions by half. Moreover, the idea of the Cloud migration can limit energy use as it will not require companies to build IT infrastructures in the office to run servers.

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The Cloud infrastructure dictates that sustainable development is attainable through decreased energy usage and less paper or printing needs. For example, Kwikdroid uses a Cloud infrastructure to store all company data in one single platform. Its main goal is to standardize, automate, and optimize company operations such as managing files and paper works. Not only it aims to achieve operational efficiency, but it also contributes to sustainable development by getting rid of tons of paper. Kwikdroid is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and OCR technologies that enable seamless extraction of data from physical documents and convert them into electronic information. While this information can be stored online, it will only remain accessible to those with a Kwikdroid account within the company.

Finding the balance

Kwikdroid has great potential to improve productivity while lowering emissions and material wastes. It can also harness the workforce’s technical ability and bring them ahead of the curve. Therefore, companies that use such solutions can always keep up and, make a difference. On the other hand, Kwikdroid finds the balance between automation and its impact on manual labor.


Although Kwikdroid’s advanced solutions can provide almost everything a company management needs, it does not prevent humans from performing jobs. Kwikdroid’s built-in communication system caters to clients who want to have a direct line to an accountant, consultant, or simply, the person-in-charge. Furthermore, it requires control and access from managers and employees to be able to operate its features. A good example of this is its online approval system where employees can submit leave entries online and managers can approve or reject them in just one click. Thus, it paves the way for a swifter approval process as well as monitoring of pending tasks and employee’s activities.

Imagine a company to company interaction system using Kwikdroid, or a vendor-supplier management system where all transactions can be as transparent in one single account. On top of that, imagine every company is contributing to making a positive impact on the environment with a paperless management system. This is what Kwikdroid wants you to achieve and that is why it is made affordable for any type of business and no matter the size.

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5G – the impetus for technological sustainable development

Currently, most internet users are making use of 4G LTE networks. These are convenient and speedy enough, on average. Although at present, the world’s bandwidth needs are growing steadily. With COVID-19 restrictions around the world, there is an increasing need for the world to be more “internet intensive” these days. 5G is the next generation of wireless network technology. It is faster than 4G LTE networks and can handle more devices at once. Although not yet fully established in most countries and regions, networks all over the world are slowly making the transition to 5G.

Implications of 5G technology

These days, people give high regard to the value of 5G technology because they are forced to live their lives online. This means that most countries see the need for a much better internet connection in response to the ongoing impediments such as the COVID-19 pandemic. People use the internet every day to fulfill their daily life activities ranging from online work, online transactions, and online classes. Therefore, 5G’s benefits or advantages may be summed up as follows:

  • Greater speed than of those previous generations of wireless internet;
  • Greater bandwidth to connect more devices in a given area;
  • No more “bad” connection in crowded areas;
  • Smart toothbrushes and self-driving cars may be enabled because of the greater device capacity; and
  • Communication of devices (not just people) like device to a server or user to cloud platforms will be much faster

5G would connect devices, users, companies, and businesses in the most convenient way possible (for now). If it is as fast as how a human body’s nervous system communicates, then it should be able to revolutionize technology as we know it.

  • No more great delays and lag in processing times;
  • Remote work and social distancing may be more sustainable in the long run;
  • Households may be able to cope better with enabling children to take part in online classes;
  • Controlling and managing businesses from across cities and countries using any device may be more widely used with the help of accounting and management Cloud-based systems.

Nobody can accurately forecast just how long the restrictions COVID-19 will stay implemented globally, so having options to be connected conveniently while being far away from each other may be considered revolutionary.

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Every company in this new era of technology and climate change must take action. The Cloud technology is indispensable and readily available to those who acknowledge this responsibility to the ever-evolving planet.

Moreover, companies that have survived previous financial crises have invested in and focused on becoming proactive digital organizations. Waiting for the crisis to end before improving the company (especially technological and sustainable development aspects) is not what survivors recommend. Revolutionizing today’s companies and even improving on them will reap their rewards in time.

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