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Representative Office Incorporation in China: Goods and Bads

Representative Offices are the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to incorporate in China. This structure enables you to sense the market, understand its dynamics, taking your first steps in China. However, such advantages come at a cost: they are not allowed to conduct business in China.

Due Diligence in China: Ensuring Intelligent Investing

When considering an investment in a venture operating in China, whether it be a partnership, acquisition, shareholding stake, securities purchase or other form of transaction, it is important to conduct due diligence to minimize risk, assess competitive advantages and identify growth opportunities.

China asks Big Four to review work on U.S. listed Chinese companies

--Recent wave of accounting scandals sparks concerns--

Financial regulators in China have called on the globe’s most prominent audit firms to re-examine documentation they have on Chinese Companies listed on U.S. exchanges, and provide details on any information possibly given to overseas regulators, according to Reuters.

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