VAT pilot program

More VAT reform: Expanding to Telecom Sector

A new addition to the value added tax "VAT" reform will be added that is likely to take force on the first of April, 2014. The current reform wraps up different kinds of services ranging from 0% till 17% that relies on the service sector in which the company is placed.

Due diligence in China: Why is it better for foreign companies to outsource?

Roadblocks that foreign investors are challenged with

Language barrier

The Chinese language has always been an obstacle for many foreigners who want to do business in China. The majority of the foreign investors do not speak Chinese and few Chinese people speak English. Foreigners ought to depend on translators and still there is a great risk of misunderstandings.  

Complex legislations

Value Added Tax Pilot Program

A significant milestone in the reform of China’s indirect tax system has recently been achieved by introducing the Value-Added Tax (VAT) pilot programin Shanghai.  The VAT program is expected to ease the burden of double taxation onservice companies in Shanghai and offer subsidies to companies that may pay higher taxes due to the reform.

Beijing to join Shanghai in VAT Pilot Scheme

Chinese state media is citing unnamed sources in the Beijing office of the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) and Beijing Local Taxation Bureau reporting Beijing will be the next region approved to join the VAT reform pilot program that is now underway in Shanghai.

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