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WeChat Invoice Mini App for Dummies

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WeChat Invoice Mini App for Dummies

WeChat – the mighty app for all your needs. Using the WeChat app gives you every chance to live a convenient life in China. Most expatriates in China use WeChat in a lot of ways from chat messaging, video calling, buying movie or train tickets, or paying at the store. There are also mini-programs for playing games or even getting a tax refund.

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But one of the most useful things WeChat provides includes a function or a mini-app for claiming a fapiao or an invoice. If you are working in China, this mini-program will be a huge help for you. Keep reading and find out how to use it.

Backgrounder: Why you need a fapiao or invoice in China?

Generally, a fapiao or an invoice is needed for a variety of purposes. However, it is more important to have it for reimbursement purposes when living or working in China. For individuals, fapiaos are necessary to refund expenses considered as a working benefit. For instance, in order to enjoy your housing allowance, you will need a rental fapiao from your landlord. On the other hand, companies need to present fapiao to tax authorities for audit, refunds, or tax deduction purposes.

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In July 2017, China’s tax administrators through Announcement 9 [2017] have required tax identification numbers for issuing general fapiao or special VAT fapiao. Thus, it became obligatory to provide this information before individuals could ask for a fapiao.

WeChat Invoice Assistant

To claim your invoice or fapiao, you need to take some simple steps as shown below.

wechat invoice simple steps

After completing all the information, a QR code will be generated which you can show to fapiao providers for them to scan. This code containing the tax information can also be shared with WeChat contacts by entering the “mini-program” (You can easily add this program by searching “微信发票助手”).

add 微信发票助手

Steps on sending to contacts

Steps on sending to contacts

You can also scan the QR code of receipts as shown below to get an official fapiao via e-mail if the service provider has made it available.

scan the QR code wechat

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