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Why Cloud ERP Could Save Your Business amid COVID-19

Posted by: Nathalie Huynh
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Why Cloud ERP Could Save Your Business amid COVID-19

As the coronavirus continues to spread globally, it is more important than ever to prepare your business for radical changes in the coming months. China, for one, has recently issued a temporary suspension of entry by foreign nationals holding Chinese visas or residence permits. This sudden decision has left the companies in China to explore a remote work set-up with their employees who are currently out of the country.

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Companies all over the world have to turn to remote work not only to keep their workers safe but to ensure that their businesses can remain fully operational amid the economic slowdown. Keep reading to find out how our services can help you cope with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adopting a Cloud ERP system

Deciding whether to encourage your team to work from home can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the appropriate systems in place to support their work and to keep everyone connected. Luckily, S.J. Grand can provide your company with the latest Cloud ERP systems that will facilitate remote work, and ensure that your workers are safe, healthy, and productive amid the current pandemic.

Adopting next-generation ERP services will allow your company’s desktops and applications to run in the Cloud and ensure business continuity no matter your location. All you need is reliable Internet access, and you can remotely access your company and make data-driven decisions from anywhere, anytime.

Benefits of a Cloud-based ERP software

Cloud-based ERP software is also helpful in monitoring your business processes from one integrated system. With ERP software, you can gain more insight and control over your company by assigning tasks to staff and track their progress directly within the system. Everyone who has been granted access can also make updates and changes related to their work. Employers can even follow-up with and/or send emails to clients directly from the ERP system. Quick communication can be facilitated by a secure internal messaging system, so employees can share information, files, and documents much faster than by email.

Another benefit of ERP is that it supplies a variety of applications that can be customized to your specific needs. Some important modules in the ERP system are accounting, sales, customer relationship management (CRM), procurement, inventory, and human resource management (HRM). Additional modules include supply chain management, manufacturing, asset management, e-Invoicing, and many more. Thus, a Cloud ERP system can give you insights into all the diverse aspects of your business while allowing your company to share information across one database.

Our remote control service offer

S.J. Grand’s expert and cost-effective IT services can provide your company with personalized systems and cloud solutions that will help migrate your enterprise to the Cloud and create a seamless remote work environment. With a variety of next-generation Cloud ERP solutions, S.J. Grand can help you protect the health of your employees while optimizing your business processes during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

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