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Why You Need a Task Tracker at Work?

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Why You Need a Task Tracker at Work

A task tracker is a must-have tool for every office worker. Every now and then, employers and managers need updates on which project their staff is currently finishing. By doing so, they get to know the worth of a task at hand, whether the time is spent wisely or if some projects are pending. All kinds of business leaders have different roles to fill in for different purposes. They must be able to fulfill their duties and make sure their staff is also doing the same.

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There are instances when either staff or management encounters a stand-still in their workplace. Have you ever stared at your computer screen and not know what to do first among all your tasks? What do you do when you don’t know what to do? That’s when a task tracker could really be useful!

What is a task tracker?

A task tracker can monitor every computer-based work or task that needs to be completed. Examples of which include timesheets and project modules, built-in to your business operations software. Timesheet modules record employees’ time spent on a certain task. This is done manually by the employee as they try to finish a task at hand. Below is a sample of timesheet recording using Kwikdroid.

timesheet task tracker

A project module, on the other hand, is linked to the timesheet module where an employee can be assigned to a task and be monitored for that particular project. Employers, human resources managers, or line managers may assign these projects. Moreover, they can also monitor their attendance through an online check-in/check-out system. Cloud-based solutions like Kwikdroid allows you to safely utilize and implement these project-related tools, and more! Check out a sample of Kwikdroid’s check-in/check-out system below:

online check-incheck-out system task tracker

So how can the right software with a task tracker help improve business operations?

Motivation & Productivity

The more motivation employees have, the greater their productivity. A task tracker records how much time is being spent on a project and which efforts go into finishing it. Being able to track the amount of time employees spend on projects allows managers to set standards for each project. This allows them to also be able to incorporate breaks into the schedule.

When team members have ample time to rest and handle their personal affairs, they will value as well the concern shown to them by the company. Preventing the risk of burnout at work helps motivate staff in accomplishing assignments and therefore, increases productivity. However, there is no need to worry about long breaks taken. Since a task tracker clearly enumerates the tasks, it will be difficult to overlap work-related tasks and personal affairs.

Efficiency & Accuracy

While efficiency is achieved when tasks are completed in the best amount of time possible, accuracy is the performance of one’s duty as error-free as possible. It is sometimes difficult to find a balance between the two. There are instances when you have to sacrifice efficiency if you want to be accurate, to be able to focus on more minute details; or forego accuracy for the sake of finishing tasks immediately.

Implementing a task tracker improves the accuracy of day-to-day assignments, without sacrificing the speed with which these tasks are accomplished. Being able to prioritize and keep track of your projects will prevent you from forgetting and interchanging each project’s needs. Also, you can quickly identify higher-level tasks over less important ones. Moreover, by being able to monitor the efforts that you and your employees give into each task, you will be able to identify unnecessary steps and be more efficient in completing deadlines.


Some platforms like Kwikdroid allows you to put down dates for meetings, deadlines, and other dates that need reminders.  This feature, among many others incorporated into the design of a task tracker, discourages multitasking which makes employees (and owners) lose focus.

By being able to productively stay on track, and with breaks within the work schedule, success in the task at hand is ensured. This also allows for focus on greater priority projects or even those projects that are billable to better clients. This kind of prioritization is dependent upon the company’s values and priorities. When employees are more focused on their tasks, the more they are able to move on successfully with the next projects.


We have all experienced the confusion that sometimes comes with an overwhelming inflow of projects to finish, sometimes all at the same time. So what then do you do when you don’t know what to do? Organize yourself by utilizing technology designed to help you stay focused on completing assignments efficiently and with great accuracy to help you stay motivated and productive. Company software like Kwikdroid are designed to help business owners achieve this level of productivity, and for their employees to help them reach fulfillment in doing their duties.

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