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27 Jun
woman carrying luggage in airport - relocating to China
Relocating to China – How to Import Household Goods
Category: Useful Tips
How can long-term expats import their household goods to China? Keep reading as we give you an overview of the latest Customs regulations.
02 Nov
Lost your passport in China – what now?
Category: Useful Tips
You’ve been careful with your documents, keeping your passport close to you…. Until one day it’s not there anymore. What should you do when you've lost your passport in China...
11 Oct
How much money can I bring in and out of China?
Category: Useful Tips
It’s always safe to have a little cash on you. However, did you know about the restrictions on how much cash one can bring to China or take out of the country? Or how much cash y...
27 Sep
driver's license shanghai
How to get a Driver’s License in China
Category: Useful Tips
Having a Chinese driving license will give you the ultimate freedom for getting around China on your own terms.Curious on what it takes to get a driving license in China? Follow ou...