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09 Jan
CRM for businesses
CRM in China and Why it is Important for Your Business
Category: Business in Asia
As China becomes the biggest consumer market in the world, it is no wonder that more and more companies are investing in CRM. Click to learn more!
07 Jan
computer vision
Integrating Computer Vision into Accounting
Category: Business in Asia, Tax and Regulation...
You might have already heard of computervision but did you know how it could relate to accounting? If not, then this is for you. Click to learn more!
31 Dec
corporate fraud
Corporate Fraud: Knowing the Signs and How to Fight It
Category: Business in Asia
Understanding how fraud takes place in your company is important to prevent losses and mitigate business risks. Read our latest article on corporate fraud!
26 Dec
currency swap
Currency Swap Deal between Europe and China
Category: Business in Asia, Economy & Trad...
If you are from Europe and you are interested in doing business in China, here's one of the things you might want to know. Learn more about currency swap!
24 Dec
IIT Return 2019
Annual Accounting Procedures for IIT Return 2019
Category: Business in Asia, Regulations
China's State Taxation Administration has recently released the consultation paper on IIT Return Procedures for this year. Check out our quick guide!
19 Dec
optimizing accounting practices in china
Optimize Your Accounting Practices in China
Category: Business in Asia, Tax and Regulation...
Find out five ways you can optimize your business and upgrade your accounting practices in China by using a Cloud accounting solution like Kwikdroid!
17 Dec
work in china
Work in China: A Guide to Foreign Employment
Category: Regulations, Useful Tips
Are you currently recruiting foreigners to work in China? Check out our guide on foreign employment in China and what to consider!
12 Dec
employee handbook
Employee Handbook: An Essential for Businesses in China
Category: Regulations, Useful Tips
As a foreign employer in China, you'll thank yourself for having a well-crafted handbook when a problem arises with your employee. Find out why!
10 Dec
China’s New Legislation for VAT and Consumption Tax
Category: Regulations, Tax and Regulations
The Chinese Finance Ministry has released the draft on VAT and Consumption Tax laws. Learn how this will affect your business by reading our latest updates!
05 Dec
China’s New Cryptography Law: What Impact on Businesses?
China’s New Cryptography Law and Its Impact on Businesses
Category: Business in Asia, Regulations
China just passed a new cryptography law to regulate its cyberspace! What is included in the provisions? How does it affect your business? Read to find out!