Business operations have reached various heights due to a wide range of opportunities made available by the ever-evolving technology. Even during unprecedented times, companies can take refuge from technology to help in the survival of their businesses. The best thing is that not only big companies can make use of these developments. Small businesses can also operate efficiently at a low cost even at times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

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One of the reasons for using the power of technology in business operations is to improve oversight of business operations. How do you have direct oversight of your business during challenging times? What are your options for running your business? Keep reading to find out!

Basic modules for your business operations

Task Tracker

Whether your employees are working remotely or in the office, a task tracker is vital in overseeing productivity. When using a company management platform such as Kwikdroid, you get to track your employees’ tasks through various modules. These functions include, for example, timesheets and projects. The Timesheet module allows the employee to record the time spent on a certain task. Furthermore, this task can be linked to the Project module whereas the employee can be assigned to a task and be monitored for his or her progress.

project module

Online Attendance System

Kwikdroid also provides an Attendance module that allows for check-in/check-out of company staff. Especially in times of remote work, this function is helpful to make sure that employees are clocking in and out during the fixed working schedule.

On the other hand, the Calendar module can help employees create and add attendees for future meetings including details of appointments with clients.

calendar module

Leave Monitor

If you can track your employee’s tasks as well as attendance, you can also pay more attention to your employee’s leaves and time-off. As a manager, you can respond (approve or reject) quickly to leave request using the Leave module. This way, you can also get a direct oversight of who is on leave and when to consider reminding the employee of his or her pending tasks.

leave module

Contact Database

The Contact module is the most essential function that Kwikdroid is installed with. Without it, other features of the system will simply not work. This module enables massive storage of information including all your employees, clients, suppliers, and business partners. It can be an individual or company information with all sales and purchase information. Furthermore, it also allows the importation of CSV or Excel files with automatic and standardized formatting.

importation of CSV or Excel files with automatic and standardized formatting

Through the module, you can easily filter out the type of contact information you need. This system can also help you track all activities related to a customer by navigating the sorting function as shown below. On top of that, you can always use the search bar to find everything and anything you need.

contact sorting function

Knowledge Source

The Knowledge module consolidates all company documents and allows file sharing more conveniently. You can create and upload your file or link a URL to allow others to see and download the documents they need. As long as you have access to this module, you can simply edit, attach, delete, duplicate, import, or migrate the files.

migrate the files

Discuss System

The Discuss module acts as an integrated internal chatting system where you can create public channels or send direct messages to your contacts.

public channels for operating business

It also mimics the email function so that you can filter your inbox or chat messages whether you are specifically mentioned in a group channel or looking for attachments.

filter your inbox business operations

What more is there to operate your business?

Providing ERP solutions to businesses can reveal that each business has a different set of operational needs. Therefore, Kwikdroid also makes it possible to customize functions and avail of modules that best suit your business processes. Kwikdroid is not only an online tool for company management. It is also a Cloud-based, digital accounting solution that helps your company perform standardized accounting operations. For example, it offers various modules including Invoicing, Expenses, and Purchases. You can also have an overall view of your sales through the Sales dashboard where you can see quotations, sales orders, paid or unpaid invoices, and many more. Finally, you can have your own dashboard to oversee everything that is happening in your organization.

Check out a video presentation on our Kwikdroid page to get a complete view of how it works and the packages we offer.

On the contrary, reduced business oversight may put your business at risk especially when you lose control and transparency. Furthermore, there are more chances of committing mistakes or even fraud if you are operating without full oversight. A Cloud-based management platform like Kwikdroid enables full access and secures your data with a Cloud encryption solution.

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