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21 Jan
how to transfer or send money from China
The Best Ways to Transfer Money from China
Category: Useful Tips
Are you still wondering how to transfer your hard-earned money from China to your home country? Read this article to quickly find out how!
16 Jan
how to incorporate WFOEs in China
An Investor’s Guide to Incorporating WFOEs in China
Category: Business in Asia, Regulations
Incorporating WFOEs can be far from easy. If you are planning to invest in a business in China, here are the steps you need to know. Read to learn more!
09 Jan
CRM for businesses
CRM in China and Why it is Important for Your Business
Category: Business in Asia
As China becomes the biggest consumer market in the world, it is no wonder that more and more companies are investing in CRM. Click to learn more!
31 Dec
corporate fraud
Corporate Fraud: Knowing the Signs and How to Fight It
Category: Business in Asia
Understanding how fraud takes place in your company is important to prevent losses and mitigate business risks. Read our latest article on corporate fraud!
11 Jan
Shanghai Bund View
Understanding China’s Five-Year Tax Rule
Category: Tax and Regulations
The five-year tax rule is an important and misunderstood factor in determining a tax strategy for expatriates living in China. Foreign nationals who reside in China for more than f...